New York City Bucket List
  1. Go to a ballet at the MET
  2. Go to NYC Fashion Week
  3. Go thrift shopping in Williamsburg
  4. Get high and have a picnic at Central Park
  5. Go to an art gallery opening
  6. Go to Fuerza Bruta
  7. Go to a rave in Brooklyn (on acid/e/molly/tbd)
  8. Go to the aquarium high
  9. Go to the Botanical Gardens
  10. Go ice skating at Rockefeller Center
  11. Go to the tree lighting ceremony 
  12. Go to the top of the Empire State Building
  13. Go to an off Broadway production
  14. Go window shopping on 5th avenue
  15. Go to an open mic at a cute coffee shop
  16. Go to a swanky jazz club
  17. Spend the day at Coney Island
  18. See the ball drop in Times Square
  19. Visit the scene of Sid Vicious’s death 

Need someone/some people to do these things with me!(: 

Will definitely be adding stuff but this is all I could think of for right now x 

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